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Stefanie Babb | Writer

B.A. History & Latin American Studies | Spanish Language Minor

Before I became a technical writer,  I received degrees in History (B.A.) and Latin American Studies (B.A.) from the University of Central Florida. During this time, I spent most of my days reading and writing about global history and learned about diverse cultures. Typically, I wrote about human rights issues and global events.

Within the past year I've been fortunate to expand my writing expertise and work my way into different styles. I write documentation and UX content, company blog posts, and manage social media. To further challenge myself, I started to work my way into freelance writing. Since then, I've written about health, education, finance, security, and more.


That brings us to today.


My writing style is adaptable and engaging. I invite you to read some of my writing samples.

I hope to hear from you!


Stefanie Babb

Want to know more about my education and experience? Please reference my LinkedIn and Resume​.


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