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Technical Writing

I began my career in technical writing early in 2019. During the first few months, I developed technical documentation, created help links, and organized the monthly publication of release notes. Next, I began assisting with proposal writing, which helped to win additional funding and contracts with the military. Fortunately, I was able to write a variety of content and dip my hands in different skillsets. I spearheaded the creation of a company blog, helped create two company websites, attended trade shows, networked with industry peers, and developed videos for proposals and marketing.  

  • Created a website for the software 

  • Worked with UX Designer to create another company website 

  • Documentation/Help Guides 

  • Help Links 

  • UX Writing 

  • Video/Image Tutorials 

  • Proposal Writing 

  • Promotional Videos



  • Gitbook 

  • Understanding of Gitlab 

  • Xd

  • Photoshop 

  • Lightroom 

  • iMovie 

  • Basic knowledge of Premiere Pro

  • Squarespace and Wix

Help Documentation

Doc example 1.png

I developed documentation for an exercise training and planning software. I used Gitbook to publish documentation.

  • Computer Documentation Guide

  • Mobile Documentation Guide

  • First-Time User Guide 

  • Documentation for All Apps in the Product Suite

Upon request, I can provide a link to view all of the product documentation. 

Help Links

I created and maintained every help link within the application. Help links are located on every page with simple explanations and tutorials for the actions on every page. Additionally, help links linked back to the help documentation. ​

I updated and checked help links every release to ensure that users could have access to help guides. 

  • Worked with Software Engineers to add help links

  • Updated help links via Gitlab

Learning to update help links taught me the basics of Gitlab and how our company managed pushing updates into production. 


We used this video during a trade show to promote the software suite. If requested, I can show additional videos used for marketing and proposal purposes. 

Creating videos for the company taught me:

  • Better Photoshop and iMovie skills 

  • Xd

  • Premiere Pro 


In May of 2019, I worked the the UX Designer to create a new company website. I worked with the CEO and COO to create content and rewrite the website. 

In December of 2019, I created the new software website. I rewrote content, found additional images, and created a Tour page. 

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